About the Author

I was born in Bulawayo in what was southern Rhodesia in 1955. My family lived in the grounds of Ingutsheni Mental Hospital from 1956-1971. We moved away from the hospital when my father retired from government service and went into private practice in the city centre.

I studied at the University of Cape Town and emigrated to live in the UK in 1986. I have lived in Oxford since 1992. Besides my writing, I am a visual artist, keen amateur photographer and passionate rambler in the English countryside. I work part-time in our local village shop and I am an activist in the fairtrade movement. I volunteer at a vibrant fairtrade shop close to Oxford city centre.

I am extremely grateful to my husband and my two children for their love and support. We are all devoted to our cat Twiggy who has been trained to go for walks on a lead and who is in every way a contented house cat.

If you would like to be in touch, please go to my Contacts page or follow me on Instagram at Katchme60.

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